1936(Tremine data) version 1

09.01.36 Conducting ban imposed by the Nazi government [kna wiki dates it 10.01.36]
24.02.36 Kna on imposed retirement. “Le Temps” dated 28.02.36 mentions that General von Epp sent Professor Knappertsbusch, director of the Munich Opera, to retirement. [kna wiki dates it 25.02.36]
25.03.36 [Tremine mentions the same program as kna wiki with one difference : Instead of Eine kleine Nachtmusik he mentions serenata notturna. Same difference also occurred on 05.02.34. Could serenata notturna be mistaken by the source he used for Eine kleine Nachtmusik ?]
[Tremine mentions here that Prager Tagblatt dated 26.04.36 mentions that Gauleiter Adolf Wagner [Tremine writes Adolph, which refers to the economist Adolph Wagner, who died in 1917] states that Kna couldn’t follow the tempo of the Third Reich, so he had to go. The date must be 26.03.36]
[08.04.36 Tremine mentions that the “St. Matthew-Passion” in Vienna Hunt mentions as conducted by Kna was actually conducted by Hans Duhan]
14.04.36 Wagner : Das Rheingold (part of a complete RING) (Kalenberg, Graarud, Kipnis, Anny Konetzni) Vienna, Staatsoper. NFP dated 16.04.36 page 8 [kna wiki mentions 15.04.36]
16.04.36 Wagner : Die Walküre (Kalenberg, Jerger, Lotte Lehmann, Anny Konetzni, Kerstin Thorborg) Vienna, Staatsoper . Radio Wien broadcasted it live starting at 18:25
18.04.36 Wagner : Siegfried (Kalenberg, Anny Konetzni, Hermann Wiedemann, Enid Szantho) Vienna, Staatsoper.
22.04.36 R. Strauss : Der Rosenkavalier (Lotte Lehmann, Berthold Sterneck, Eva Habradova, Elisabeth Schumann, Koloman von Pataky) Vienna, Staatsoper. Wiener Zeitung dated 24.04.36 page 11
26.04.36 Wagner : Götterdämmerung (Kalenberg, A. Konetzni, Wanda Achsel, Rosette Anday) Vienna, Staatsoper.
13.09.36 Wagner : Tannhäuser (Max Lorenz, A. Sved, Anny Konetzni, Lotte Lehmann) Vienna, Staatsoper. Wiener Zeitung dated 15.09.36 page 7
14.09.36 R. Strauss : Der Rosenkavalier (Anny Konetzni, Ella Flesch, Elisabeth Schumann, Berthold Sterneck )
30.09.36 R. Strauss : Elektra (Rosette Anday, Rose Pauly, Hilde Konetzni, Graarud) Vienna, Staatsoper. Broadcasted by RAVAG. Wiener Zeitung dated 02.10.36 page 9, Neues Wiener Journal dated 01.10.36 page 13 (« Elektra unter Knappertsbusch »)
02.10.36 Weber : Oberon overture, Schubert : Symphony no. 6, Beethoven : Symphony no. 4. Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Vienna, [RAVAG. 20:35. Source : Vienna Symphony Orchestra website]
05.10.36 R. Strauss : Der Rosenkavalier . Vienna
08.10.36 Wagner : Lohengrin (Torsten Ralf, Luise Helletsgruber, Ludwig Hofmann, Anny Konetzni) Vienna (Festive performance on the occasion of the 7th International Bruckner-Fest) Neues Wiener Journal dated 09.10.36 page 10
13.10.36 Wagner : Die Walküre Vienna
15.10.36 R. Strauss : Der Rosenkavalier Vienna
19.10.36 Wagner : Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Vera Mansinger, Josef Kalenberg, Kerstin Thorborg, Herbert Alsen ) Vienna Neues Wiener Journal dated 20.10.36 page 11
21.10.36 R. Strauss : Elektra Vienna
28.10.36 Gluck : Don Juan (ballet-pantomime), R. Strauss : Josephs-Legende Vienna. Wiener Zeitung dated 30.10.36 page 9
29.10.36 Wagner : Tannhäuser (Horst Wolf) Vienna
06.11.36 Gluck-Strauss ballet evening Vienna [obviously same works as on 28.10.36]
07.11.36 R. Strauss : Der Rosenkavalier Vienna
09.11.36 Haendel : Concerto grosso opus 3, R. Strauss : Don Juan, Beethoven : Symphony no. 3. Graz, Staedtisches Opernorchester. Partially broadcasted from 21:00 to 22:10. Radio Wien dated 06,11.36 page 6 (3 photos). NFP dated 17.11.36 page 9
14.11.36 Mozart : Don Giovanni (Alfred Jerger, Richard Tauber, Hilde Konetzni, Alexander Kipnis). Vienna Neues Wiener Journal dated 15.11.36 page 26
16.11.36 Gluck-Strauss ballet evening. Vienna [obviously same works as on 28.10.36]
29.11.36 Brahms : Symphony no. 3, Stamitz : Sonata for viola d’amore and orchestra (Gösta Björk), Beethoven : Symphony no. 4. Stockholm, Philharmonie
02.12.36 Mozart : Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Schumann : Piano concerto (Myra Hess), R.Strauss : Eine Alpensinfonie. Stockholm, Philharmonie.
19.12.36 Wagner : Lohengrin Vienna
21.12.36 Gluck – Strauss ballet evening. Vienna [obviously same works as on 28.10.36]
25.12.36 Mozart : Don Giovanni Vienna
26.12.36 R. Strauss : Der Rosenkavalier Vienna
29.12.36 R. Strauss : Elektra Vienna